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Author Essi Kummu. Photo Sara Ahde



Essi Kummu (b. 1977) has written short stories, novels, children’s books and manuscripts. Kummu was awarded the Vuoden Sara acknowledgement in honour of her work towards empowering girls and women. Her work has been translated into Swedish, Lithuanian, German and Russian.

The Story of My Children, Farewell, Boys and Glow are stand-alone novels but they also form a trilogy through common denominators - the use of autobiographical elements, and the female author as a main character - a woman who lives in a northern city in Finland. The city is a side character in each story. 

Awards and nominations

2019 Shortlisted for the Bothnia Prize

2018 Vuoden Sara acknowledgement
2017 Shortlisted for the Bothnia Prize
2013 Shortlisted for the Tower of Pabel Prize (Estonia) for the Best Translated Children’s Book of the Year
2012 Shortlisted for the Finlandia Junior Prize
2011 Shortlisted for the Tiiliskivi Prize

Photo: Sara Ahde

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